Casa Lorca (Main with Kitchen)

First Floor

Sleeps 1–3
With ocean and Bay views
Large terrace with palapa
Full kitchen
Private bathroom

Spanish poets, Fredrico Garcia Lorca

Casa Lorca is named after one of the greatest Spanish poets, Fredrico Garcia Lorca, who was born in 1898. Close friends with surrealist artist Salvador Dali and popular Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, Lorca had a dream from a very early age to be both a musician and a writer. He went on to produce and inspire many musical works, pen numerous theatrical plays and publish volumes of poetry. He became famous across Spain and throughout the Hispanic world. “I sought in my heart to give you the ivory letters that say ‘siempre’ (always),” says Lorca.

With its expansive verandas accented by exquisite green ironwork, Casa Lorca looks out over the   Sayulita’s livelier community bay beach and the ocean. Come be inspired by the love and creativity evident throughout Casa Lorca.

“Let me climb there up towards the green verandas,
High verandas of the moonlight,
Where I hear the sound of water.”
— Lorca

Holiday December 20 – January 3
$245 US/night

High Season November 1 – December 19; January 3 – April 30
$195 US/night

Mid Season May, June, October
$155 US/night

Low Season July, August, September
$110 US/night