Casita Zen

Below 1st floor
Bay views from adjoining garden
Outdoor patio with table
Private bathroom with shower

Spanish poets, Fredrico Garcia Lorca

Casita ZEN
Named after the poet that built this Villa, ZEN is both the initials of Zan E. Nix and the description of what she sought in creating Villa Poema de Amor, Villa Love Poem. Inspired by the sea, love and poetry, she has written many poems on love over looking Sayulita Bay and all over the world.
The definition of ZEN is a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort. Having a ZEN attitude means being mindfully aware of the present moment, focusing on positive thoughts and actions that relax the mind and awaken the heart, creating a more balanced experience of everyday life.
Relax in cozy Casita ZEN and clear your mind of life’s busy details left back home. Open to what the sea has to offer, inspiration, creativity, dreams, visions and new perspectives. In this simple space, the heart can see infinity.

Sea Spray
I pity any man that would challenge the sea for my affections.
A wise lover would beg for me to show up with sea spray
Still in my eyes.
Wanting, like the waves,
To surrender on his shore.

— Zan E. Nix

Holiday December – January 3

High Season November 1 – December 19; January 3 – April 30

Low Season July, August, September